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Saturday, 06 April 2013 03:10

Watercolor Tessellation

by  KDianne Stephens
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Watercolor Tessellation Watercolor Tessellation KDianne Stephens

Watercolor applied to tessellations can add a new dimension to these Origami models. These tessellations examples, with food color dye applied, are “Hydrangea” by Shuzo Fujimoto.

Adding watercolor to the Origami tessellation can bring balance to base art form. The precision and control necessary to bring forth the tessellation can be considered quite yang, thus by introducing the yielding flow of the watercolor medium we thus bring yin energy into the piece; complementary art forms coming together for balance. Not only does the model itself culminate in balance, but the artist does as well, through the experience of both performance natures.

For the observer of the model, the visual fascination of the stark tiling of the paper is balanced by the visceral nature the flow of color one into another and thus brings a closure or harmony that may otherwise not be achieved. The question may be...do we want the fascination and edge to linger with the observer or are there times that we may want harmony to result.

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