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Monday, 27 October 2014 04:35

The World Origami Days' Challenge

by  Gerardo
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Each year OrigamiUSA proposes a global activity to celebrate the World Origami Days (October 24th to November 11th). This year they suggested we all spread origami through public libraries worldwide. I already developed a workshop; it was focused on boxes and envelopes. I took the opportunity to teach how to fold two of my models: the Octagonal Envelope and the Box with Side Blades. You can see a couple of the folds of both models on the table. They had to make each model twice in order to try and learn the process. I also left for exhibiting at the library some of my models, only five which I had shown last year at the I International Meeting of Origami Facatativá. In the picture you can see three at the back on top of the shelfs. By the way, I loved the library; They did an excellent job with its interior design. There is an article on another blog dedicated to its design, which includes a couple of photos: CHECK IT OUT HERE.

This opportunity, and the few others in which I have developed workshops, have left me thinking about various things. I want to learn how to make good workshops! What have you learned from the development of your own? What advice can you give me?... Especially when the workshops are for a group of beginners. Something I want to tell the students is about the use of folding and unfolding: "The creases left on the paper from the prior steps will facilitate subsequent folds. You don't have to force the paper, creating new creases. You just have to pay attention to the creases we leave during the process". You know what I mean?

Well, the important thing is that I am fulfilling the objective of this shared activity: everyone left with a greater interest in origami and happy with their own boxes and envelopes, regardless of errors in their folding process. I'll make another workshop before the celebration of the global days end. I named the subject of the next one: "Household Items". I really hope that -like me- you end up motivated to do your part in this activity in honor of the World Origami Days. Then we can share with everyone our experiences -discovering how many contributed to the activity-, and perhaps even enjoy some photos of our experiences.

So let's go!

Read here official information of "World Origami Days - Challenge"

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