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Miércoles 26 de Octubre de 2011 15:40

Posting vs. Publishing

por  Gerardo
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When you create a model and want to teach how to fold it to the world, you might end up with a dilemma: posting how in the web or publishing it in an origami magazine or book. When I ask about the two options, most creators usually answer me that they prefer the second one: magazines and books. That is because they wish to get something in compensation, like a copy of the issue or volume. It's an awesome feeling to have in your hands a real book including your diagrams or CP! On the other hand, the upside to posting how to fold the model is that more people can learn how to do it, making your model more popular. Besides that, you can easily update your post like when you've found a way to improve a design you are already showing how to fold.

When I commented people my idea for this blog some were worried that it wouldn't work, because creators will want to reserve the way to fold their models for magazines and books. I think that in many cases it's true... but... I learned that posting and publishing don't have to be in conflict. I have this feeling that most creators believe that they can't post diagrams (or photo-diagrams, videos, CPs, etc.) if they wish to present diagrams for a magazine or book; although sometimes it's true, it isn't always the case. Some of them don't have any problem with receiving diagrams or CPs of a model, even if you are already teaching how to fold it in the web. And ALL OF THEM allow you to teach how to fold the models in the web after they've been published! Some just ask you to wait longer than others before you do it.

I'm telling you this because I want you to understand that you can have the best of both worlds: you can earn a copy of the issue or volume by presenting diagrams or CPs for publishing AND you can also make your model more popular and have a closer contact with its folders by also posting how to fold it. I sent messages to seven different groups that publish diagrams and CPs on their books and magazines, and asked them what is their perspective on this matter. This is what I learned from each one; this will help you decide what to do with your model depending on where you wish to publish how to fold it.

Read my article "Diagrams for publishing" so you can see how to contact this magazines and books.


  • Don't post the diagrams (nor photo-diagrams or videos) before you present them for publishing in their magazine or convention book. At best, you can post the model's CP before presenting the diagrams.
  • Wait some time after your diagrams have been published in the magazine or convention book to post them as well.

Creased Magazine

  • Like for Tanteidan, don't post the diagrams (nor photo-diagrams or videos, even CPs) before you present them for publishing in the magazine.
  • Wait a year after the diagrams have been published in the magazine to post them.


  • You can perfectly post the diagrams before presenting them for their online and printed magazine and convention book.
  • There's also no problem for posting the diagrams right after they have been published.

British Origami Society

  • Just like for OrigamiUSA, you can post the diagrams before presenting them for publishing in BOS.
  • You can also post them right after BOS publishes them.

Origami Calendar by Margaret Van Sicklen

  • Only present simple to low intermediate models. You can post your diagrams before presenting them for the calendar; the calendar will make their own diagrams of your model.
  • You could also post the diagrams after they have been published in the calendar, just use your own instead of the calendar's.

4 Esquinas Magazine

  • For publishing in this magazine, designing notes are the most important aspect since it's directed towards educating in creation. There's no impediment to previously post the diagrams in, for example, blogs and galleries in the web.
  • There's also no problem in posting the diagrams right after the issue with your diagrams has been uploaded.

Asociación Española de Papiroflexia AEP

  • It's better to just post photo-diagrams, videos or the CP of the model before presenting the diagrams for the magazine or convention book.
  • Like for Tanteidan, wait some time after your diagrams have been published to post them as well.

Besides helping fellow creators, I also hope this helps more creators decide to teach how to fold their models here in our blog: Neorigami. Personally, I prefer to publish diagrams and post photo-diagrams or videos. What do you think?

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  • Enlace comentario haditahir Domingo 30 de Octubre de 2011 09:48 Publicado por haditahir

    knowledge is for everyone

  • Enlace comentario Gerardo Lunes 31 de Octubre de 2011 04:25 Publicado por Gerardo

    I'm glad you think so : )

    I hope the article was helpful. Have you submitted diagrams to any magazine?

    By the way, thanks for the swan diagrams! When did you upload them?

  • Enlace comentario haditahir Lunes 31 de Octubre de 2011 08:47 Publicado por haditahir

    i have submitted some but i don:t think that any of them published yet.
    well as for the swan, i uploaded it a couple days ago :D

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