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Martes 14 de Octubre de 2014 12:39

Creating through the Frankensteinian Method in Origami

por  Gerardo
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Over the weekend I had the pleasure of participating in the II Facatativá Origami International Gathering.The previous meeting was my first ever! It was a wonderful experience ... I made new friends and I was able to strengthen some existing friendships, plus I got to meet two amazing origamists such as Jeremy Shafer (USA) and Noelia Avila (Argentina). I learned to fold a couple of models, but this time I also took advantage of the opportunity to be in a couple of conferences.

Last year I published here an article based on my experience exhibiting for the first time some models: Me in an Origami Exhibition!. But in this new version of the gathering, I didn't exhibit my models and unfortunately I didn't even find time to calmly visit the exhibition. Instead, I was invited to give the opening lecture, to which I gave the title: Creating through the Frankensteinian Method in Origami. I must confess I had so much fun throughout the conference, and in fact, I was wildly excited about the idea of preparing and doing it since I was asked in February of this year =O

I love creating, it's my favorite activity in origami and it's because of that activity that I've been obsessed with origami since 2010. That was what my lecture was about; the analysis of a particular creation process, breaking it down into a few basic steps. I proposed a creation method based on that analysis and gave it the name "Frankensteinian method." In the 1818 novel by Mary Shelley, Doctor Frankenstein gave life to an entirely sui generis creature after joining different parts of human bodies. Well, what does that mean regarding origami? The Frankensteinian method is not the only way that I create, but it does reflect my style: not so technical and mathematical, still quite methodical, and with a clear objective.

A slideshow is not the same as a conference. In fact, to understand my experience creating the model, during the conference I explained each step of the creation process and we folded the model little by little so as to clarify the progress and challenges encountered along the way. So, although you won't find that in the slideshow, I really wanted to share it with you and hope you find it interesting and (maybe) find some idea that you consider helpful. Below is the slideshow so you can check it out ; )

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  • Enlace comentario Gerardo Jueves 23 de Julio de 2015 03:39 Publicado por Gerardo

    Errata: In the slideshow, the Basket which I claimed being by Gay Merrill Gross is actually Aldo Putignano's variation of James M. Sakoda's model. Gay explained that to me. I already fixed it in the slideshow.

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