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Martes 11 de Agosto de 2015 23:19

Wall Fold


por  Gerardo
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There are two very common type of folds that make models 3D, yet they have never been named. I propose in this short article a name for one of them and an explanation of the fold.

Wall fold: Three or four creases that share the same vertex are folded, lifting two connecting walls in the process. The paper between both walls is flattened as a tip or as a flap.

The wall fold would be the 3D equivalent of the rabbit ear fold, needing both low intermediate folding skills. It shouldn't be confused with the "3D rabbit ear fold" as seen in the diagrams of the Meerkat by Steven Casey (step 37) or of Noboru Miyajima's Bat diagramed by Carlos A. Furuti (step 89). Not to be confused either with the step of "opening into 3D" like in John Smith's Pureland Box.

Both walls may be of the same height or not, may be straight or slanted, besides perpendicular or not.

  • walls of the same height: Common Box
  • wall of different height: Masu Box
  • walls that aren't perpendicular: Eight Sided Box
  • slanted walls: Pyramidal Box


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