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Jueves 04 de Diciembre de 2014 11:02


por  Milind
Sparrow01 Sparrow01

The most popular and perhaps most explored preliminary base is the basis of this design. I started to look at this base by joining two adjacent flaps and folding down the two side layers. Then I could see a bird like structure (see image gallary)

Taking this pair of flaps as wings and making it as center of design I struggled for remaining parts of the bird. The bird in turn came out like a sparrow.
With little efforts on wings and legs, the sparrow can stand on its own.

Informacion Adicional

  • Fecha de creación*: Aug 2014
  • Base o Técnica: Preliminary Base
  • Complejidad: Intermedio medio
  • En un libro o revista?: In Submission Process


2 comentarios

  • Enlace comentario Naty Nefesh Domingo 08 de Febrero de 2015 00:32 Publicado por Naty Nefesh

    Could you upload again the steps to fold this model please... i only see one page.

  • Enlace comentario Milind Miércoles 11 de Febrero de 2015 18:02 Publicado por Milind

    Thanks for showing interest in this model. In fact you also wanted to fold my 8-Petal flower published before. The diagrams are already submitted to a magazine for publication. So according to their policy. Already published diagrams are not considered (or rarely considered) for publication. What I have shown here is the design process which may be useful for other designers.
    Any way if you agree to keep the diagram for personal use and do not upload or share with anyone, I will send you few of my unpublished diagrams especially sparrow and 8-petal flower. In fact I would like you to try them and give feed back of the models and suggestions to improve diagrams.
    It seems you are from Colombia so you can easily get my Swan diagrams which are published in latest Colombia Convention 2014, Cali and another action model 'Play With Me' diagrams published in OUSA magazine PAPER issue 116.

    Pl. send email to oak445(at)gmail.com
    for diagrams



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