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Miércoles 02 de Marzo de 2016 04:17

Seven-segment Display


por  haditahir
Seven-segment Display haditahir

Origami Seven-segment Display. The state (of being on or off) of every segment can be altered. So you can use this as you use lcd ssd (not quite the same though :p) !

You can make more than one unit of ssd with one sheet of paper (not a square one, of course). the longer the paper, the more you can get ;)


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  • Fecha de creación*: 16.1.2016

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2 comentarios

  • Enlace comentario Gerardo Jueves 03 de Marzo de 2016 17:24 Publicado por Gerardo

    That's crazy amazing! You're a genius Hadi!

    Is it too complicated to change from one number to another? The model could be really cool and useful for keeping scores in different games like in origami conventions for example ; )

  • Enlace comentario haditahir Viernes 04 de Marzo de 2016 04:46 Publicado por haditahir

    thanks, Gerardo! :)
    you can change to one number to another easily, and the model itself is not complex. please try to fold it ;)

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