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Jueves 23 de Enero de 2014 00:37

Le Carrousel

por  KDianne Stephens

When designing my hot air balloon and basket I “found” Le Carrousel. With spring coming up, it felt like a nice time to bring Le Carrousel into being. This is the first basic model; the white and pastels will work nicely in a larger size for a baby shower centerpiece.
It will be fun to try foil, “Origami Mosaic Tissue” (for the horses – can’t wait) and prints to bring out a carnival fiesta feel for a children’s birthday party.
Although formally creating two origami hubs of matching color/weight paper that hold the unit together, I did find one could “cheat” using paper coffee filters that easily and quickly fold right into the needed shape.

Informacion Adicional

  • Fecha de creación*: 2013
  • Base o Técnica: various
  • Otros detalles: modular

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