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Lunes 07 de Julio de 2014 04:06

Sendok & Garpu / Fork & Spoon


por  haditahir

Origami fork & spoon, which plays with the colour change to create an image of a fork and a spoon, in a flat 2d origami model.

Informacion Adicional

  • Fecha de creación*: 28.6.2014
  • En un libro o revista?: No

7 comentarios

  • Enlace comentario Yara Yagi Martes 08 de Julio de 2014 01:34 Publicado por Yara Yagi

    Hi, Hadi!
    Congratulations for your nice model! But I can't see the instructions... Could you try to post it again, please?
    Thank you! :)

  • Enlace comentario haditahir Martes 08 de Julio de 2014 05:42 Publicado por haditahir

    Hi Yara Yagi,
    thanks for noticing. i've posted the instructions again.
    hope it'd be useful :)

  • Enlace comentario Yara Yagi Jueves 10 de Julio de 2014 01:08 Publicado por Yara Yagi

    Thank you so much, Hadi Tahir!
    Congratulations again for the beautiful model and diagrams!:)

  • Enlace comentario Gerardo Domingo 13 de Julio de 2014 05:37 Publicado por Gerardo

    Another very creative model Hadi!

    Is this the restaurant symbol? If it is, please change the name of the entry to reflect that. Ok?

    If instead it's literally a spoon and a fork, then bear in mind that the objects category is the most appropiate one for this model.

    Thanks for another awesome model and thanks in advance for your help ; )

  • Enlace comentario haditahir Lunes 04 de Agosto de 2014 02:43 Publicado por haditahir

    sorry for the late response, i was on vacation :)
    i have change the category to objects.


  • Enlace comentario Naty Nefesh Martes 05 de Agosto de 2014 23:30 Publicado por Naty Nefesh

    Nice model :)

  • Enlace comentario haditahir Martes 02 de Septiembre de 2014 23:02 Publicado por haditahir

    thank you :)

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