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My name is Raymond Yeh. Origami came to me at 2 points in my life: 1. At 12, thru a classmate; 2. Late 30's thru seeing folded models. Designing models started only 2+ years ago just by doodling and following instant ideas that come to mind.

It is a great relaxation and one of my source for simple pleasures. My life's motto - Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly and Pray Eagerly.

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URL del sitio web: http://reneerae.blogspot.hk/

Jueves 11 de Agosto de 2016 13:56

Baby Chibi Owl In Flight

Martes 11 de Agosto de 2015 03:50

My "Chibi" Baby Squirrel

Lunes 11 de Agosto de 2014 14:05

Simple Fall Squirrels

Sábado 19 de Abril de 2014 12:54

Easy Baby Bunnies

Jueves 03 de Abril de 2014 08:16

Simple Flower and Photo Frame

Martes 25 de Marzo de 2014 08:24

Simple Princess Door Signage

Martes 18 de Marzo de 2014 13:03

Simple Heart over heart

Sábado 01 de Febrero de 2014 17:02

My Simple 3D Horse Head


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