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8-Petal Flower


por  Milind
8-Petal Flower, © MilindvOka 8-Petal Flower, © MilindvOka

After completing a variation of traditional lily, I was about to start working on to my next creation but the wonderful concept and folding sequence of lily had fascinated me to a great extent. So I decided to create one more varation or create a new flower based on the basic principles of lily if possible.

By folding the corners up to the center you get a square again (see step 3). It is smaller but you have 4 extra paper corners. I started folding lily from this smaller square but constantly looking for an opportunity to use the extra corners reserved in step 3. Indeed, I got this opportunity in step 22-23 ! I lifted the trapped paper and added extra 4 petals to already existing 4 and thus creating 8-petal flower.

I could complete the flower by keeping all triangular flaps up (and down) in my trials (i.e skipping steps 19-20). But the petals were locked and the flower could not be opened freely. I was fortunate that the last and perhaps the only alternative of pushing the triangular flaps inside the model really solved the problem giving me the result as expected.

Diagrams can be downloaded from :


There is a round petal variation also. Since the flower is stackable, using 2-3 modules you can make a Lotus..

NOTE : The same or similar model model I found at It is tagged as unknown creator.

If you know the creator please let me know. For a long time I could not find the creator or its diagram so I submitted diagrams to Origami USA and requested them to find the creator and also as per general copyright faq at claimed for copyright of my diagrams.. They have kindly accepted my claim. Thanks to OUSA Editorial Team.

Hope you will enjoy folding this flower.


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