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Martes 05 de Enero de 2016 00:38

Seiiki_Origami on Neorigami

por  Gerardo
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Maybe you already noticed that a new magazine appeared on the blog. It's Seiiki_Origami. It's a project set in motion by three members of the Bolivian Society of Origami: Origami_OZ, Sergio L. Guarachi V. and Juan José Miranda Castañeta. Neorigami has provided them their own section so that they can share a new number every two months. Precisely today they have shared their first edition.

As in the case of Mini Neo magazine, Seiiki_Origami is also a separate project from Neorigami. The blog simply provides the space for its publication. If you wish to contact and learn more about this magazine, I recommend you join their Facebook group: Seiiki_Origami.

Before I sign off, I want to take this opportunity to thank the three people responsible for the periodic publication for inviting the blog to be a part of this wonderful project.

Let us all wish them success in their journey : )

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