Private classes online

Knowledge and curiosity in ORIGAMI: six live sessions for ages 10 to 150*

Teacher: Gerardo Gacharná Ramírez / More information: gerardo(at)neorigami.com

Some information

The classes have two different goals: to acquire a general understanding of the origami culture (diagrams, specialized words, its classifications, mathematics, etc.) and to channel our curiosity through folding explorations (trying out new ideas and learning to express oneself creatively). To accomplish that, we will carry out very different activities; we won't be just learning the steps to fold some models (figures). In some classes you will want to take notes like in any formal class, but in others, you will participate in challenges that call for creative solutions. Live online sessions. Ages 10 to 150*, NOT only for kids, and NO previous experience in origami is needed. Groups of maximum six students.

More details

  • I offer a program of six classes. Each one lasts for 90 min, so we can make the most of each class.

  • Get a discount if you make a single payment for the six classes, that would be $218 USD for 1 student.

  • You can also pay per class (90 min) for 1 student. Each one costs $39 USD

  • The private classes are scheduled depending on your availability: daily, every other day, weekends, etc.

  • In the case of groups, pay an additional $6.50 USD per class and for each student after the first. The group cannot have more than six students.

  • Here's a good tip: The larger the group, the less each one has to pay.

A sample of the teacher's original creations

A comment from Carolyn (USA)

"Sometimes when you’re folding, there is a sequence of folds that catch you by surprise and leave you marveling at the designer’s genius in creating the model. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it takes your breath away and fills you with the true joy of origami. I experienced this in my lessons with Gerardo G. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Gerardo is an excellent teacher. His instructions are clear and precise. He’s patient and never moves on until you are ready to follow his lead. I feel that I have a greater understanding of how models are put together. I owe that to Gerardo. I am a better folder now than I was before I started."

More comments

  • "He is an educated, honest person who, with passion and dedication, transmits his knowledge to others."

  • "Gerardo teaches origami with great ease, he is passionate about its subjects. He is dynamic and transmits with love the discipline of the origami art. Gerardo helps dissipate your doubts. He reinforces by repeating if necessary and is aware of each member who participates according to his or her ability. I love his vocation and group managing skills."

  • "He is an excellent origami teacher, has original projects, children can participate in his classes."

  • "With Gerardo the classes are very complete, he explains very well and helps you understand the steps to follow. I have a lot of fun sharing with him... he makes it easy for me to share my questions and I like his origami designs, aside from the fact that he has taught me the types of folds that exist in order to make them. He is passionate about what he does and transmits to others the energy and love for origami."

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