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Gerardo Gacharná Ramírez (given name "Gerardo" and family names "Gacharná Ramírez")* works in the human and social sciences, having several years of experience as a teacher. Regarding origami, he has been seriously dedicated to this art-form since 2010. He currently has around 80 models of his own design. Some have been included in publications from Spain, England, and United States. He had founded the Neorigami collaborative blog and co-founded the Mini Neo e-fanzine. He ran the Inter-forum Useful Model Challenge in 2012 and edited the book Practigami the year after that. Now he runs the United to Fold and Foldeas activities, as well as the Diálogos Origámicos online group. Gerardo has mainly created a wide variety of practical models, including different types of containers, but has also created figurative and conceptual models. With his conceptual works, he has participated in different art calls, for example, the 2021 Revela art exhibition in his country, Colombia. Gerardo's editorial "Would a Kawasaki Rose by Any Other Name Smell as Sweet?" was added to The Fold e-zine in 2018, and in 2020, his paper "Between human and folded bodies: Examples of affection and care in Bogotá" was included in a social sciences journal. Aside from that, he was one of the special guests of the Origami Bogotá 2022 convention and received OrigamiUSA's Florence Temko innovation award in 2023.

Gerardo's goal/dream: to be a special guest at foreign in-person conventions.

* Gerardo actually has eight family names in total. His full name is Gerardo Gacharná Ramírez Ballén Salazar Santana Bello Cárdenas Ramírez.

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More than 100 hours of experience in both in-person and online origami workshops.

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