Foldeas: Sharing Ideas through Origami

Gerardo founded in 2020, and currently runs Foldeas: Sharing Ideas through Origami. Foldeas are bimonthly hands-on presentations by guest speakers from a wide variety of countries, through Zoom, each one related–one way or another–to paper folding.

Don't miss them! You can find an article about Foldeas in OrigamiUSA's The Paper #136 (autumn 2021), which was written by Diana Mann.

Contact Gerardo to join the Foldeas/UnFold email list and be updated about future events. Gerardo will ask you to first add him among your contacts and whitelist his email address. A guide will be provided explaining how to do that.

An example of one of the publicity posters. Leyla's was an amazing session.

The sessions

  • Roopika Sood (India): Becoming a Full-Time Origami Teacher. January, 2023

  • Ashita Sawhney (India/USA): Healing Folds. November, 2022. WATCH THE VIDEO

  • Monika Kressler (Germany/France): An Origami Story: "The Little Blue Square". September, 2022

  • Ben Parker (USA): Making Money from Origami (I Think). July, 2022

  • Cekouat León (Mexico): Folding Hillstars: A Journey of Origami Hummingbirds. May, 2022

  • Paul Jackson (UK/Israel): The Rudiments of 3-0 Symmetry. March, 2022

  • Miri Golan (Israel): e-Learning Origametria: Using Origami to Teach Geometry. January, 2022

  • Miguel A. Gañán (Spain/Argentina): From Single to Stacked Twist Tessellations. November, 2021

  • Gerardo G. (Colombia): Of Boxes and Envelopes: Origami & Industrial Packaging Design. September, 2021

  • Michael Assis (Brazil/USA/Australia): Origami Design Via Grafting Techniques. August, 2021

  • Madonna Yoder (USA): Common Elements in Tessellation Crease Patterns. July, 2021

  • Hans Dybkjær (Denmark): Creating through Blintzing. June, 2021

  • Santrupthy Das (India): Origami as a Tool for Community Building . May, 2021

  • Jeanine Meyer (USA): An Origami-Inspired Adventure in Limits and Number Theory. May, 2021

  • Paul Jackson (UK/Israel): Folding and Design: A Creative Mini-Project. April, 2021

  • Ali Bahmani (Iran): Origami to Connect with People: Ali's Personal Journey. March, 2021

  • Asha Gulati (India): Fold to Unfold Thoughts. February, 2021

  • Barbara Pearl (USA): Math in Motion: Origami in the Classroom K-8. Every Child Counts! January, 2021

  • Matthew Green (USA/Mexico): The "Rhombase": Its Basis and Bases. November, 2020

  • Jon Tucker (USA): The Building Blocks of Origami Design. October, 2020

  • Dáša Ševerová (Slovakia/Switzerland): "Paper Rainbow" or "How to Reach the Other End" . September, 2020

  • Louise Mabbs (UK): Folding Frenzy; Orinuno or Fabric Origami? August, 2020

  • Leyla Torres (Colombia/USA): Mindfulness and Creativity with Origami. July, 2020

  • Trevas Chuang AKA Decadent Origamist (Taiwan): My Origami Journey. June, 2020