Foldeas: Sharing Ideas through Origami

Gerardo founded in 2020, and currently runs Foldeas: Sharing Ideas through Origami. Foldeas are bimonthly hands-on presentations by guest speakers from a wide variety of countries, through Zoom, each one related–one way or another–to paper folding.

The sessions aren't recorded, so don't miss them! You can find an article about Foldeas in OrigamiUSA's The Paper #136 (autumn 2021), which was written by Diana Mann.

Contact Gerardo to join the Foldeas/UnFold email list and be updated about future events. Gerardo will ask you to first add him among your contacts and whitelist his email address. A guide will be provided explaining how to do that.

An example of one of the publicity posters. Leyla's was an amazing session.

The sessions

  • UPCOMING! Roopika Sood (India): Becoming a Full-Time Origami Teacher. January, 2023

  • Ashita Sawhney (India/USA): Healing Folds. November, 2022

  • Monika Kressler (Germany/France): An Origami Story: "The Little Blue Square". September, 2022

  • Ben Parker (USA): Making Money from Origami (I Think). July, 2022

  • Cekouat León (Mexico): Folding Hillstars: A Journey of Origami Hummingbirds. May, 2022

  • Paul Jackson (UK/Israel): The Rudiments of 3-0 Symmetry. March, 2022

  • Miri Golan (Israel): e-Learning Origametria: Using Origami to Teach Geometry. January, 2022

  • Miguel A. Gañán (Spain/Argentina): From Single to Stacked Twist Tessellations. November, 2021

  • Gerardo G. (Colombia): Of Boxes and Envelopes: Origami & Industrial Packaging Design. September, 2021

  • Michael Assis (Brazil/USA/Australia): Origami Design Via Grafting Techniques. August, 2021

  • Madonna Yoder (USA): Common Elements in Tessellation Crease Patterns. July, 2021

  • Hans Dybkjær (Denmark): Creating through Blintzing. June, 2021

  • Santrupthy Das (India): Origami as a Tool for Community Building . May, 2021

  • Jeanine Meyer (USA): An Origami-Inspired Adventure in Limits and Number Theory. May, 2021

  • Paul Jackson (UK/Israel): Folding and Design: A Creative Mini-Project. April, 2021

  • Ali Bahmani (Iran): Origami to Connect with People: Ali's Personal Journey. March, 2021

  • Asha Gulati (India): Fold to Unfold Thoughts. February, 2021

  • Barbara Pearl (USA): Math in Motion: Origami in the Classroom K-8. Every Child Counts! January, 2021

  • Matthew Green (USA/Mexico): The "Rhombase": Its Basis and Bases. November, 2020

  • Jon Tucker (USA): The Building Blocks of Origami Design. October, 2020

  • Dáša Ševerová (Slovakia/Switzerland): "Paper Rainbow" or "How to Reach the Other End" . September, 2020

  • Louise Mabbs (UK): Folding Frenzy; Orinuno or Fabric Origami? August, 2020

  • Leyla Torres (Colombia/USA): Mindfulness and Creativity with Origami. July, 2020

  • Trevas Chuang AKA Decadent Origamist (Taiwan): My Origami Journey. June, 2020