United to Fold - UnFold

Gerardo founded in 2020, and currently runs United to Fold - UnFold. UnFold are bimonthly gatherings to share origami with people from a wide variety of countries through Zoom. Two or three volunteers teach how to fold each a different simple or intermediate model. After that, everyone is divided into smaller groups just to meet new people from very different sides of the world. We talk in English, at the gatherings, since it's a widespread language.

On the first Saturday, every other month. Read an article in OrigamiUSA's The Fold, written by Jean Rishel , about the gatherings! You can also find another article about UnFold, this one written by Lisa Dunlap, in BOS's British Origami #327 (April 2021).

Contact Gerardo if you wish to participate. You'll be included in the Foldeas/UnFold email list. I will ask you to first add me among your contacts and whitelist my email address; I'll provide a guide explaining how to do that.

Angel, folded by about 70 origamists! Hans Dybkjær, from Denmark, taught us how to fold his own model at the May 2021 UnFold gathering.