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Neorigami used to be a collaborative blog, for origami creators, which was quite active between 2011 and 2017. The following are different documents uploaded by its members, which are available here with their authorization. The copyright of the different documents belongs to the respective authors.

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Neorigami solía ser un blog colaborativo, para creadores de origami, que fue bastante activo entre 2011 y 2017. Los siguientes son diferentes documentos subidos por sus miembros, los cuales están disponibles aquí con su autorización. Los derechos de autor de los diferentes documentos pertenecen a sus respectivas y respectivos autores.

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Mini Neo e-zine

Mini Neo was an origami e-zine directly related with the Neorigami collaborative blog. It started when origamist Juan Arriagada, from Chile, proposed its creation to Gerardo G in 2011. 32 issues were released between December 2011 and July 2017. Its three main sections were the interviews to talented origamists, the design notes of the models shown in the cover, and the creation challenges–which started with issue 16 in 2013, although the e-zine had many more sections as well as diagrams and crease patterns. In 2015, Lina Restrepo gave it a major makeover, which was first seen in issue 22. All the issues were originally in Spanish, but most of them were translated to English.

The editorial team had various changes over the years. The following were members of the team at one point or another (in order of appearance): Juan Arriagada, Gerardo G., Pilar Castillo, Chris Taylor, Liliana Badillo, Alberto Ramírez, Graciela Vicente, Naty Nefesh, Yara Yagi, Viridiana J. Quintero, Fernando García, Matthew Green, and Ben Fritzson.



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